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Smile Savings Plan

No insurance? No Problem! We Offer an affordable alternative for dental treatment. We provide an in-house dental membership plan to help you save money while achieving a beautiful smile.

Membership Plans

The Following Services Are Included in All Membership Plans:

  • Periodic Exams

  • Comprehensive Exams

  • X-rays

  • Imaging as Necessary

  • Implant Consultation

  • Reduced Fee 3D Scan

  • Emergency Exams

  • Clear Correct Scan and Consultations

  • Diagnostic Photos

  • Oral Cancer Screenings (once yearly)

* Membership Plans Are Not Insurance. Membership in these programs is not dental or medical insurance, nor is Practice an insurance service. The Membership Plans may be used as a supplement to the Patient’s dental insurance. Practice is not responsible for coordinating use of Patient’s dental insurance with the Membership Plans.

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